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Our programs are anchored in traditional yoga philosophy and anatomy and physiology from Physiotherapy Methodolodgy. 

Off Your Mat

With our two founders: Rhoni and Hali's extensive Personal Development experience, each program is heartully geared to open new doors of inner awareness.  

Ongoing Support

Our Founders will kindly guide you through each step of your journey, from answering all questions, to helping you complete your application process your post course assistance.

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we can ever do.

~ Erin Tong, MSYI Teacher, LA California

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Our Yoga Teacher Trainings have been connecting like-hearted people, creating empowering connections and inspiring transformations for over two decades.  It is our purpose to bring quality yoga programs to you, anchored in yoga tradition, modern anatomy and effective and lasting personal development methods.


 Our programs are only delivered by qualified yoga and personal development specialists with years of experience. We hope to inspire you soon.

"I strongly advocate for an immersive YTT experience. In a personal yoga practice (as with anything we do regularly), it’s natural to develop undesirable habits or get stuck in our own patterns over time; actually, it can happen on and off the yoga mat, in any area of life! I knew that in order to break through my own patterns, it would be highly beneficial for me to be removed from my usual setting and schedule. Being in a new place (especially one with a slower pace of life and surrounded by nature) also brought a heightened awareness and sense of presence I definitely would have missed out on if I’d been exposed to the distractions that come with habitual day-to-day life. I was able to dive deeper into the course curriculum and therefore got a lot more out of the experience.”

Joanne Highland

“I am a certified yoga instructor from San Francisco. I chose to take an Advanced Immersion  YTT with Hali Love in Costa Rica.  The immersion really allowed me to detach from my everyday world and dive deeper into my learning and teaching. By being in a remote place, surrounded by nature, I was really able to tap into my heart and soul and absorb the teaching without distraction. This was the biggest reason I opted in for an immersion style advanced training.   Some of the biggest things I learned was my ability to detach and separate from my thoughts. I do not believe I could have done that with a local training with coming home to everyday life. I believe the change in environment and the shock to my system was necessary for me to get to the root of my learning and absorb the information.  Being surrounded by the raw  nature in Playa Negra Costa Rica helped me get a big picture of life and really enabled me to step up and make some big life changes.  Another insight is that most local trainings in my area focus more on the asana, but with the immersion training I was able to cover the asana, breathwork, meditation and different styles of asana, and go deep into personal development.  Yoga is multi-faceted, and yoga isn’t one-size fits all.  My immersion allowed me to see this, and I became a well-informed and well-rounded instructor.  New employment opportunities have already opened up for me since my training, which was January of this year.  I am lit up and ready to inspire my students more than ever before.” Liz Papangellin

“Part of my decision to take my immersion training in Playa Negra, Costa Rica for my first yoga teacher training was that I wanted to fully embody and experience what I was learning without the distractions of everyday life. I often create such a regimented little routine in my life I knew I needed to get away from it to really ‘dig in’. The cost was similar to taking a program at home, but this experience seemed like it would be more beneficial to my learning style and allow me to truly focus.  I gained from it exactly what I expected and so much more. I had experiences and given tools that were so ingrained in me that I use them in what I do in my day to day life at home with everything from my relationships with my family and friends, to work, to teaching, to the daily choices I’m faced with. What we did was so impactful, I feel, in big part because it was so far away from the routine of my life that I could fully experience and express while I was in training. Many of my learnings have never left me! Even three and half years after the fact. I can honestly say that I found some of my closest friends through attending the immersion training in Costa Rica. I have two other gals from the training that live near me and I see regularly. They still hold me (and I them) accountable to our experience, to our goals and ourselves. One of those two even helped me find the job and position I’ve been in for the last three years that I love, enjoy and excel at. That never would have happened without this immersion training and I’m grateful every day for it." Shevonne Brodeur

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