500-Hour Teacher Training  





$6,850 USD






You may book your meals through MSYI OR choose to purchase and create your own meals throughout your training.  Should you wish to include your meals, please click here for our Offered Menu.





You may book your accommodations through MSYI OR choose to check out your own accommodations in the area.  Our upcoming Costa Rica Trainings are being held at Peace Retreat Costa Rica.  Please click here to view your accommodation options at Peace Retreat.



Application Fee


$500.00 USD



Pay $500 Deposit







Pay Full Tuition



What To Expect


We at MSYI understand that a 500-hour, 45 day is considerable investment of your time and resources.


We aim to provide the best experience in the most nurturing environment possible. We always aim to choose tranquil venues, where disturbances are minimized.


You will see that we offer an offordable tuition, with financing available, in order to accommodate a variety of budgets. 


You can expect an amazing experience full of exploration, creation and connection!


During your 45-day, 500-hour program, you will experience both rejuvenating and invogorating asana practices, self-inquiry, the indepth study of each MSYI Teacher Training Module, practice teaching, meditation, chanting and breaks throughout the day.


A misconception about Yoga Teacher Training is that your entire day will be spent on your mat doing yoga postures!  This is not the case! 


Your days will be filled with a combination of yoga postures, discussions, breaks, assignments and practice teaching.


Remember, we have all of the details in each of our modules to cover!


You don't need to be flexible or young for this training.  You just need to have a desire to learn and a love for yoga!






Walk freely toward your dreams.

Daily Schedule


5:00 am

Rise and Shine Practice



7:00 am

History and Philosophy 



8:30 am

Breakfast Break



9:30 am

Module Study



1:00 pm

Afternoon Break



3:00 pm

Module Review / Practice Teaching



5:00 pm

Dinner Break



6:00 pm

Evening Completion:

Module Study / Practice Teaching

/ Closing Practice



7:00 - 10:00 pm

Evening Completion:

Module Study / Practice Teaching

/ Closing Practice




* These times are subject to change, depending on the location of your training.