Programs anchored in the Lineage of T. Krishnamacharya, the ‘Grandfather of Modern Yoga,'  In the words of Krishnamacharya: “Yoga is practice of meeting ourselves we are at”.  In order to meet ourselves where we are at, we are required to shine the flashlight into the darker places of our existence.  This takes courage, and qualified support; We are here to lovingly guide you and effectively support you through your journey to yourself. #thisisyoga



​It is our mission is to empower you through quality education and accurate information, while we hold space for your experience to meet yourself exactly where you are at.  Our goal is to open new doors of awareness so students are able and excited to access new levels of growth, peace, health, and confidence.


In the words of Krishnamacharya: “Yoga is practice of meeting ourselves we are at”. We agree.  Our founders, Rhoni Straub and Hali Love, have an extensive background in both their personal yoga practices, each having over 20 years experience, teaching yoga and in eastern and western psychology: inlcluding post secondary personal development education, Ayurveda and TCM.  They hold a high respect for each individual journey.   Our trainings not only deepen your intellectual knowledge, but enhance your connection to yourself on a deep level.  People have often referred to our trainings as “life” trainings.  We agree.  The traditional philosophy of yoga allows us to meet ourselves wholistically, with the yoga-based self inquiry practices, asana (the physical yoga postures), pranayama practice (breathing techniques) and meditation, we can truly create a clear pathway for ourselves to connect on a higher level than we could ever imagine.  Whether you are a spiritual seeker, asana lover or super into meditation - our programs are for you


Multi Style Yoga International is built on a foundation of:  Self-Love. In yoga terms, this is called 'Ahimsa',  a Sanskrit word meaning 'non-violence and kindness'. The Founder and Partners of MSYI feel Self-Love (Ahimsa) is largely lacking in today’s world. We feel the world could use more kindness in dealing with how we treat our physical bodies, within our self discipline; by how we use toxic chemicals and within our thoughts, words and actions. Our facilitators all have personal practices that are deeply rooted in our first core value of Self Love; for if you cannot truly love yourself, you cannot love another.

Our second core value is: Empowerment. We will not tell you what to do. We believe in equality, regardless of how flexible you are, level of experience, education, social status, race, religion, or economic background. Our trainings are anchored in respect and empowerment. You are the driver of your own bus, you decide what to do, where to go, and how to get there. Our facilitators whom host the personal development sections of our trainings are experienced and trained in psychology, cognitive behaviour partnering, and emotional healing. Our methodology is based in love and kindness, and geared to empower you to create your own powerful path through your own ideas and answers to our strategic questions and space holding abilities.

​Our third, but as equally important core value is:  Community. We feel that we cannot get anywhere alone. We believe in alignment, first within ourselves, and then within our team. We believe in equality. It is within this alignment and equality that we grow and empower our community, thus empowering the world. The word ‘yoga’ means to ‘yoke, merge, to come together’.  Let’s get together and empower one and other. The world needs more of it!



MSYI has been registered with The Yoga Alliance since 2007, and currently holds a 200 and 500 School Designation.  Our registered programs blend modern anatomical philosophy from physiotherapy, chiropractic methods, and western medicine with traditions from eastern medicine including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Thai Yoga Massage Traditions, Eastern and Western Psychology, Ayurveda, and Classical Yoga History.


At Multi Style Yoga International, we believe that no one style of yoga or that a single practice is 100% sustainable. We all go through different periods in our lives within our physical bodies, our mental, emotional, and spiritual states, our energy, and how much new knowledge we are capable of taking on. This is why, at MSYI, we honour many different styles of yoga and other practices anchored in the tradition and the roots of yoga, including Yoga History & Philosophy, Critical Alignment Theory, Functional Anatomy, and Modern Nutrition.  We blend the ancient philosophies of yoga, Ayurveda, Thai Yoga Massage, and Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern anatomy and movement to create safe, well anchored yoga classes, and empowered individuals.  


Just as we recognize that no single practice is 100% sustainable, we also believe that no single training program works for all students. This is why we offer a number of Programs around the world, all designed to kickstart your yoga teaching career, deepen your personal practice, or advance your existing knowledge. To become a Yoga Instructor, it is not required you acquire all 200 Hours at one time, or in one Training. All of our courses will count to your teacher accreditation, will not expire, and every hour will simply add to your educational portfolio.


We offer a programs at at studios and retreat centers in Costa Rica, Montreal, British Columbia, Alberta and Montana, all of which are completely aligned with our core values.  Whichever location you choose to train with us, you can expect an indescribable experience full of exploration, creation, and connection.

Subsequent to your 200 Hour Training Program, you will anchor all of your teaching with the completion of your post-training assignments.




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