Our Children's Yoga Teacher Trainings are for anyone wanting to give the gift of yoga to children: yogis, parents, teachers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and child-focused professionals.

We offer 2 separate Programs, Level 1, and Level 2, which are comprised of 50 Hours each. Level 1 offers a comprehensive foundation from which you can begin inspiring and empowering wee ones. Level 2 delves deeper into child psychology, building on the learnings from Level 1.


With the implementation of MSYI's 8 Limbs of Yoga and the 6 Bodies tailored to the creative energy of kids, our Programs provide you with a life changing experience - full days of love and laughter with the MSYI community.

Core Curriculum

  • The 8 Limbs of Yoga for Children

  • The 6 Bodies of MSYI for Children

  • Creating Yoga Classes for Children

  • Children's Anatomy

  • Yoga Games & Crafts

  • 108 Asana for Children

  • Marketing Your Children's Yoga Programs


  • Child Psychology 101, based in acceptance, love, and simple, open-hearted communication embedded in kindness.

  • How to teach to all types of children. Common learning disabilities, and how yoga and meditation can support them. Level 2 provides a much more in-depth coverage of disabilities.

  • MSYI Powerful Children's Teaching Techniques, used to teach creative and inspirational children's yoga classes.

  • 108 Fun Children's Poses, detailed with the name, meaning, and  instructions on "How To Teach".

  • Interactive partner yoga postures.

  • Yoga stories, meditations, games, and crafts.

“I participated in the MSYI Children's Yoga Teacher Training in Playa Negra, Costa Rica. Besides being a beautiful and memorable location, this training was so much more than I expected. My intention for participating in this training was to gain skills and tools needed to successfully teach yoga to children. It did that and more! I look forward to participating in Level 2 in 2016”

- May 2015 Children's YTT Graduate

Level 1 Program

50 Hours

You will leave our Level 1 Program with the knowledge of how to implement The 8 Limbs of Yoga and The 6 Bodies of MSYI into dynamic, fun, and empowering yoga programs for children ages 3 through 11, complete with how to market your classes for a successful business venture.


Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2.

Level 2 Program

50 Hours

In our Level 2 Program you will implement your Level 1 learnings into creating classes for children with disabilities, including, but not limited to, FAS, ADD, and ADHD. This program will dive deeper into Children's Psychology. The result: empowering classes for ALL children.


Why Teach Children's Yoga?


Plant Seeds of Life & Harvest.  By Rhoni Straub


Through the modality of yoga, children learn skills related to stillness, balance, flexibility, peace, grace and connection. After you read the following we hope you will be intrigued and curious in such a way that you want to further develop and enhance your knowledge, and skill level to bring yoga to children.


Teaching yoga to children is rewarding experience for both you and the children you teach. As a yoga teacher you are creating opportunities to enhance wisdom, good times, instill healthy habits, and create happy memories. In essence, what you are doing is creating a solid foundation for a lifelong practice that will continue to deepen as the child grows. Ultimately you will empower children through the asana practice. 


In our Children's Yoga Teacher Training you will increase your knowledge of the asana practice, enhance your knowledge on child development, and learn skills specific to interacting with children. Yoga for children is different than yoga for adults, just as MSYI's Children's Program is different than just Yoga For Kids. Our Program is specifically designed to teach to the ‘whole child’, children of all ages and abilities, in a way that’s fun for all involved. 

A children’s yoga asana session is both immersive and educational. Our Yoga Programs educate teachers to support children's academic achievement, through the theory created by Child Psychologist, Howard Gardner: ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligences’. The ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligences’ is easily adapted to various styles of learning. 


Our children's classes incorporate music, art, math, reading, science, social studies, environmentalism, and so much more. Hali and Rhoni (Creators and Keepers of MSYI) believe the asana practice is a springboard for education and encourages children to use their imagination, which will ‘wake up’ various parts of their brain. 


The past decade has seen a number school districts incorporate yoga into the school day. The results are supportive of children participating in some sort of physical movement, specifically yoga asana. Children who participated in the yoga asana on a regular / consistent basis were better able to understand information kinesthetically which resulted in higher retention rates and increased academic achievement.


Asana Practice Instills a Lifetime of Healthy Habits


Childhood obesity statistics are alarming. Approximately 30% of children and adolescents are overweight; 15% of children and adolescents are considered obese. 


Simply encouraging children to move their physical body’s, physical education and / or yoga asana, reduces their risk of obesity. As children increase their knowledge about the benefits of the asana’s on their physical, mental, and emotional health, they are better able to care for their bodies and overall well-being.


Special Need Children and Yoga Asana 

Our children's yoga asana class creates an inclusive and creative environment where everyone is encouraged to be expressive and free.

The healing and learning powers of yoga have wonderful effects on children of all ages, especially those with special needs. MSYI Childrens Yoga teachers are taught to see the perfection in all children, rather than the pathology of diagnoses. As a result, our Childrens Yoga Teachers are connected to the beautiful spirits and energies of all children.


Children learn best through ‘play’. Kinder yoga teachers are trained to incorporate various modalities in their yoga asana classes to create space for children to execute therapeutic physical movements (Joy of Movement, Play, Creativity and Imagination). 


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