Level 1/2

July 10 - 17, 2019

Join us at our Affiliate Retreat Centre Tipi Retreat in beautiful Kelowna British Columbia Canada! 

Tipi Retreat is located on a beautiful property nestled within 15 minutes walking distance to downtown Kelowna.   It is very close to Nesters Market and the Mediterranean Market.

This training will be facilitated by Multi Style Yoga Facilitators Kate Furman and Hali Love.

LEVEL 1  Foundation

You will study: 

Yoga History, Philosophy, Lifestyle, & Ethics 

Study the lineage of yoga history. Dive deep into the exploration & study of the Yoga Sutras. Learn how to incorporate these ancient philosophies into your life, in an ethical and sustainable manner, and that compliments your current belief system.

Creating a Space For Transformation 

You will create space for your own transformation through daily exploration, self-inquiry and group discussions. This module focuses on self-development which is anchored in the roots of yoga, 6 Bodies of MSYI (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic, Intellectual, and Spiritual), and the  'Simple and Effective Coaching Tools'.

Yoga Fundamentals 

Explore the theory, practice and teaching of Pranayama, Chanting, Mantra, Mudras, and Meditation. You will incorporate tools from Module 4 to learn how to effectively teach each one of these skills

Introduction to Functional Anatomy & Physiology 

Anatomy can be daunting to the best of us. In an effort to prepare for your yoga teacher training, you complete basic anatomy assignments prior to your start date. During your program, you will receive hands-on and interactive anatomy training each day.

Energies of Yoga

This module explores the subtle energies of yoga, including Chakras, Nadis, Prana, Vayus and The 5 Sheaths. You will discover how each one contributes to modern yoga  and healing through the 6 Bodies of MSYI.

Yoga Class Styles & Formats 

We will review the most popular styles of yoga in theory and in practice.  The postures presented to you in your Class Formats will  be complete with a posture analysis of each asana used.

Powerful Teaching Techniques 

You will learn what the pillars of Multi Style Yoga International's Powerful Teaching Techniques and how to apply them to your teaching.

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LEVEL 2  Expansion

You will study: 

A Deepening of Functional Anatomy & Physiology 

Anatomy can be daunting to the best of us. In an effort to prepare for your yoga teacher training, you complete basic anatomy assignments prior to your start date. During your program, you will receive hands-on and interactive anatomy training each day.

Safe Sequencing 

You will learn basic principles of asana sequencing. Also, how to safely create your own powerful  and creative yoga class formats in  Hatha and Vinyasa yoga.

Posture Summary & Sanskrit Guide 

In addition to daily asana practices (practice teaching and posture break-outs), you will receive a detailed asana manual which summarizes over 108 yoga postures, that includes the main benefits, modifications and contraindications of each posture. Also included is a Sanskrit pronunciation guide and common Sanskrit glossary.

Effective Teaching 

You're here to learn how to teach yoga, right? 

In this module you will learn and practice valuable tools and teaching methodology to support you in becoming an unscripted and powerful yoga teacher. You will have the ability to really speak to each and every student in your yoga class. You will explore the use of your voice, oral language, body language, and visualization. You will have the ability to connect with your students confidently through verbal cues, use of props, effective demonstration, and acute observation. Learn how to provide safe, and effective physical adjustments for every body.


Modern Nutrition From Ancient Practice

In this module you will learn basic nutrition do's and dont's, and how to incorporate 'ahimsa' into your nutrition when it comes to dieting and cleansing.   You will study an Introduction to Ayurveda (sister science to yoga), with Hali Love (Certified Ayurveda Consultant.

Launch Your Yoga Career with Success 

Learn how to effectively cultivate and preserve abundance through your yoga teaching career. Leave your training with a complete resume to immediately market yourself as a professional Yoga Teacher. This module will touch on Branding, Social Media, Finances and Insurance.

What Does My Day Look Like?

Your days will be long, as we are required by The International Yoga Alliance to complete 92.5 contact hours within each 100 hour yoga teacher training.  Training times will vary upon location, however will each day will be 12 hours in length.  Despite the long hours, you will be well taken care of with your daily Multi Style Yoga Rejuvenation Practice.

What Do I Bring?

  • Yoga clothing - dress for the weather according to city and season.

  • Yoga mat and any props you practice with - block(s), strap(s), etc.

  • Reusable water bottle and / or coffee mug.

  • Journal and pens.

  • Any medications and / or vitamins you require.

  • Healthy, wholesome food to power you through each day (where meals are not provided)

What's Included?

Your investment includes:​

  • MSYI Training Manual

  • 100 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training facilitated by our experienced MSYI Facilitators

  • Meals / Accommodations / Transportation may be included, depending on location

Obtaining Your MSYI Level 1 100-Hour Certificate 

​Upon completion of  your Contact Hours, you are required to fulfil your post-training requirement as follows:

  • Completion of your post course assignment; which is a collection of questions from your Level 1 Modules studied.​

  • Create a video submission presentation on any of the Level 1 Modules.  Your video must be a minimum of 10 minutes in length, and cover what you feel to be the most important points of your chosen topic. ​

  • Completion and submission of your Final Level 1 Course Essay Assignment; the topic is individually assigned.


Obtaining Your MSYI Level 2 100-Hour Certificate 

​Upon completion of  your Contact Hours, you are required to fulfil your practicum and post-training requirement as follows:

  • 5 hours of Karma Yoga at a non-profit organization (i.e. homeless shelter, women's shelter, day care, Montessori school, etc.) or volunteering your time to clean up the streets, parks or beaches, with your Karma Journal assignment. Your Karma Journal assignment includes: record how you felt before and after your karma experience, include date and location of your karma experience. Email the 5 hours of experience and journal assignment together.​

  • Teach 3, 1-hour Asana classes, and 3, 15-minute Meditations. Submit a video (via You Tube or Vimeo link) to MSYI of your first video. You will receive feedback to implement on your second video; and the same for your third video; and recordings of all 3 meditations.


  • Completion and submission of your Final Course Essay Assignment (your topic will be individually assigned to you upon submission of your final video).