June 1 - 4

Yoga History & Philosophy - Part 1

Creating A Space For Transformation - Part 1

This module is all about studying yoga’s roots, and learning where yoga came from.  Whether you are interested in this module for your own personal practice or to learn how to teach, you will leave with the knowledge of how yoga history can enhance the development of your person or your students.  $995

June 5 - 10

Asana Study

Functional Anatomy

Physical Assists

Yoga Class Styles & Formats - Part 1

In this module, you will study over 100 asana (yoga postures), basic functional anatomy, including the names of common muscles and bones, and how they can work together most effectively.   You will study the spine, nervous system and respiratory system as well.  Learn basic assists for common asanas, and begin to study your hatha and vinyasa yoga sequences. $995


June 11 - 12

Aerial Silks 20 Hour Training

Over these two days, get your 20 hour Aerial Yoga Certification!  Turn your world upside in the jungle with your Aerial Silk! $595

June 13 - 14

20 Hour Option: SUP Yoga OR Prana Massage

Over these two days, learn how to perform a basic Prana Massage or teach SUP yoga! $595

June 15 - 19

Yoga Fundamentals | Energies of Yoga

Explore the other side of yoga: mudras, mantra, meditation, chakras, nadis and more! If you don't know what those words mean, that's ok! You will after this 5 day blissful immersion! $750

June 20 - 22

Yoga Class Styles & Formats - Part 2

Functional Anatomy - Part 2

A deepening of your knowledge of your Hatha & Vinyasa sequences, practice teaching and functional anatomy in action!  $750

June 23 - 25

Yoga History + Philosophy - Part 2

Creating A Space For Transformation - Part 2

A deepening of your knowledge of your previous yoga history knowledge and personal development. $750

June 26 - 28 (3 days)

Creating a Space for Transformation Part 3

Powerful Being / Teaching Techniques Part 3

Specialised Teaching; For Common Illness & Disease

Modern Nutrition; How Ayurveda Blends with Today’s Society  $750


June 29 - 30 (2 days)

The Business of Yoga

Creating Your Brand,  Start your website! Create your logo!

Creating Your Classes, Retreats & Workshops

How to Start Your Own Yoga Studio $750

Custom packages including accommodations and meals can be provided upon request.  Click here.




Expand. Grow. Create.

What Do I Bring?​

  • Light clothing - think summer / beach wear and of course yoga attire. A long sleeved top or hoody and pants are recommended, especially for Fall Programs, as the evenings can get a bit chilly. Spring Programs tend to be warmer and more humid around the clock. Don't forget a hat!

  • Yoga mat and any props you practice with - block(s), strap(s), etc.

  • Bathing suit(s).

  • Beach towel - bath towels are provided.

  • Comfortable footwear - sandals and / or runners.

  • Organic / environmentally friendly body products, including soap, shampoo, conditioner, bug spray, and sun block.

  • Flashlight.

  • Reusable water bottle and / or coffee mug.

  • Journal and pens.

  • Any medications and / or vitamins you require.

  • US cash for additonal spending, if desired.

  • If you are taking the Business of Yoga, please bring a laptop computer.


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