'Children will listen to you after they feel listened to.' Jane Nelson

Parent School

To become a parent is the ultimate long-term investment. In human psychology, most relationships disintegrate the minute they become parents. With the awareness of important insights and new skills, parents can prevent the pattern of destruction before it begins, or begin to rebuild the destruction into a loving, supportive, and effective relationship.

Our mission is to provide support and education to families to enable them to raise their children in a loving, and peaceful environment to support their children to reach their highest potential. Our support is provided with the presentation and training in important insights and new ‘parent skills’.


Children are as individual and as different as their parents, and making decisions about what’s best for raising children is intensely personal. There are some useful universal principles for everyone, but the ‘right’ solution frequently changes from situation to situation.


Our Parent School Programs provide information to:

  • Help parents discover unhealthy family patterns that may be affecting their relationships with themselves, each other and their children.

  • Support parents in keeping their personal relationship connected.

  • Support parents to anchor in a practice of self-love and self-care.

  • Support parents with the day-to-day decisions of raising children.

  • Create family values that align with each families individualist lifestyle and circumstances, and an action plan to stay on track for both parents and children.

  • Support parents in understanding the different needs of their children throughout their stages of development.

  • Support parents in understanding effective communication skills.

You will leave your Parent School program equipped with the tools to provide loving, nurturing, consistent, and effective parenting to your children.

Childbirth Education

These classes are for anyone who is preparing to have a baby, or who is pregnant, or who simply desires knowledge on childbirth.  This is not a prenatal yoga certification course, for Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, click here.

Our Childbirth Education Program is facilitated by MSYI Partner: Rhoni Peace; an expert in pre and postnatal education, and essential and effective parenting techniques.

In your Childbirth Education Classes you will:

  • Prepare for a connected and empowering childbirth 

  • Learn the stages of pregnancy 

  • Understand your body (hormones, emotions, cognitive behaviour patterns and energy)

  • The importance of self care

  • How to effectively manage your relationships through pregnancy and beyond

Meet Your Facilitator

Our Parent Education Programs are facilitated by MSYI Partner, Rhoni Straub, (education in counselling, psychology and social work), was employed in various Human Service positions for over 25 years. She brings her extensive knowledge to provide vast information on pre/postnatal stages, birth process, child rearing, parenting styles, and human psychology. Rhoni has raised 3 biological children and has mothered an additional 26 children (chosen).  Taking on the role of Doula, Rhoni has successfully delivered 6 babies, while maintaining a healthy marriage for over 30 years. 

Program Investment

20 Hours | $540 CAD / $350 USD

30 Hours | $650 CAD / $475 USD

50 Hours | $750 CAD / $550 USD

Private Sessions are available upon request.