Relax! You are in good hands. Our Founder and Facilitators have been studying yoga and teaching for over 20 years. Their practices are anchored in community, equality and connection. You will be welcomed with loving arms as you embark on your YTT Journey with Multi Style Yoga.  


Create a beautiful and relaxing space for yourself. Create the idea of where you want to take your yoga teacher training. Visualize where you want to go after your Yoga Teacher Training.


Nourish your body with self-love practices, and healthy, lovingly prepared foods that nourish your body. Nourish your mind with positive thoughts and knowledge to support you on your journey.  Check out the books on our Resources Page!


We understand time is limited, however our training is anchored in self love. Before your training, its important to practice the style of yoga in which your training is focused on as much as possible, but without adding stress to your life! Make this practice a celebration of self-love and self-care. Some PROGRAMS come with sequence cards and sequence videos, and will be provided in your pre-req package.


Fear is a natural human emotion. Be honest about your fears, write them down, speak about them,  We are here to support! Reach out out if you would like to! One of our Core Values is community; we walk the talk. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


If you do not have a consistent meditation practice, now would be a good time to explore meditation!  Try these free meditations recorded by our Founder, Hali Love. 




Connect with like minds! Drop us a note to say hello, arrange a call with your facilitator or Join our Facebook Group and connect with other students and teacher graduates!