Course Overview

Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training is a unique training held over 16 days.  Our trainings are held in Costa Rica, Canada and The United States. Our methodolodgy is firmly anchored in yoga's roots (The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali), and is explores all aspects of yoga.   


Our Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training serves as a platform for you to become the most powerful teacher, through the well-rounded study of Yoga History, Anatomy, Yoga Fundamentals, and Successful Teaching Techniques.  With the implementation of daily practices in the areas of mindfullness, modern nutrition, The 8 Human Talents - from Kundalini Yoga, and self inquiry.


In addition, you will be guided through the study and practice of 108 common yoga postures, including the English and Sanskrit names of each posture, how to perform and teach each posture, the anatomical breakdown, benefits, and the physcial adjustments for each asana.  


You will leave your training with the tools required to be a successful yoga teacher. You will have the ability to lead powerful classes with your own signature style.  You will have the knowledge to step into teaching standard power yoga classes, restorative, hatha & yin yoga classes.


It is our heartfelt mission that you leave our training tapped into your most powerful-self, with valuable tools that you can use to live an even more empowered life! 


This training is for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in teaching yoga, or to deepen their personal knowledge and practice.




6 Steps to Your Certification