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I love holidays. My favourite item to unpack is a journal. My intention is to write down what inspires me. I chose to bring a pocket-book journal and wondered if it would be big enough for my words. Day 1 through 5: Not a single word. Day 6: I didn't even recall writing anything in my journal. I wrote ‘something is happening here'. What it was ~ wasn't exactly clear. I must have been listening to a Buffalo Springfield song at the time. Day 7: On the red eye flight home ~ I realized I was observing not writing. I was a witness to my own thoughts and feelings and the words and innuendos of others. I had been firmly planting my feet into the earth and simply listening without energetic attachment. This is BIG for me. I was in neutral! I ‘think' it is simple.


It IS simple. If words are my manifestation toolbox I want to choose words that don't disempower. CANCEL CLEAR. If words are my manifestation toolbox I choose words that empower. The intent of an innuendo is unclear.

What instruction are we sending out into the

universe when our wants and needs are elusively expressed? Words and thoughts are powerful. If we say ‘you haven’t seen nothin' yet’ or ‘wait and see’ ~ what is the universe to do with that? What do those words expressed together mean? I feel like I'm in neutral again ~ that's what they mean! Change the words to 'THIS IS BIG' or ‘THINGS ARE HAPPENING'. Just like that we change our energetic vibration and perhaps become more conscious of the words we speak and the reasons why. Be bold and direct with your intentions.

Have fun with misspoken words. CANCEL CLEAR is my way of taking back words that do not resonate when I hear them out loud. When we become a witness to our own thoughts ~ our intentions become clear. If we express in ‘want’ we will always come from a place of ‘wanting.

If we express in ‘need’, we will always come from a place of ‘needing’. Become a witness to what you invite into your life ~ build a strong foundation ~ follow a roadmap that allows for detours twists and turns ~ stay rooted in your own beliefs ~ be clear ~ come from a place of love ~ express ~ collaborate ~ grow ~ laugh at irony ~ share your story. If a friend says something out loud that doesn't sound quite right ~ give them a CANCEL CLEAR! Good karma and the universe will sigh in relief!

Laurel is a core member of MSYI's Heart Tribe with 500 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training. Based in Calgary, Canada, she is a Financial Advisor by day, and a Yin and Restorative Yoga Guru by night. Check out her website: http://www.laurelsyoga.ca, or visit her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurelsyogalife/