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Fiction In The Space Between

I'm a lyric junkie.

If a snippet of a lyric resonates - I'm hooked.

I had Tracy Chapman's 'Telling Stories' on repeat just so that I could sing along to the lyric: 'There Is Fiction In the Space Between' over and over!

In life we are always putting our best flip flop forward. What about the flip flop that gets left behind?


There is fiction in the space between what we present to others and the package of ourselves that we wrap up for select few to see.

The thing is the package that is all wrapped up is the good stuff that is meant to be shared and set free.

The space between is filled with a mish-mash of stories and thoughts ~ the difference between our authentic self and what we portray. Years ago a friend stated that I was too strong.


I thought that it was good to show strength and hide weakness.

The concept of admitting, let alone sharing, vulnerabilities was foreign to me. My lens changed after that conversation and as the years have passed the distance between my flip flops has narrowed. I care more about being authentically unique ~ perfectly imperfect.

Here's the tricky part ~ you have to focus on your own flip flops.

If you find yourself focusing on the distance between someone else's flip flops ~ pause for a moment and ask yourself why you are avoiding the distance between your own? We are here to heal our own lives...

What is your fiction in the space between?

Build a trusted support group of like-minded people that you feel safe with and share your unique story.

Here's the simple part ~ we are meant to be happy. That uncomfortable feeling that we sometimes get in our stomach is our intuition sending a clear message that we are in the midst of self discovery. Give yourself permission to look within from a lens filled with self-love. If something feels right put your energy towards it! If something does not feel right ~ hit the 'I need some clarity pause button'. If all else fails ~ lose the flips flops. Sink your bare feet into the earth. Stay Rooted.

*Photo note: If you look closely you will see a feather in the water. Just as my flip flops started to drift ~ a feather dropped into the water. I took it as a sign that I am rooted into the earth and I joyfully watched them float away ~ well only for a little bit and then I retrieved them. They are my favourite flip flops!

Laurel is a core member of MSYI's Heart Tribe with 500 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training. Based in Calgary, Canada, she is a Financial Advisor by day, and a Yin and Restorative Yoga Guru by night. Check out her website: http://www.laurelsyoga.ca, or visit her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurelsyogalife/