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These Beach Shoes Were Made For Walking

So here you are at a crossroads wondering what to do with your life.’

The voice was my own. My inside voice.

I was in the midst of a shift

~ choosing a conscious life ~

surrendering my auto-pilot tendencies.

I wear my beach shoes until they fall apart, and they usually last about a year. These ones were declared a perfect fit New Year’s Day 2015. These beach shoes were meant for walking and that’s just what they have done. I’m a natural reflector. A solo walk at sunrise on the beach is magic for me. Call it an epiphany or call it a self preservation moment ~ the first walk on the beach in these puppies and I made a choice that I wasn’t going to let anyone go all Nancy Sinatra ~ ‘these boots are made for walkin’ on me!

When we become quiet enough with our own thoughts ~ when we start to have an awareness of what we are projecting ~ there is a natural gift that comes ~ we start to see clearly what others are also projecting. It’s fascinating. I’ve learned to let things that flow grow and to pause ~ stay neutral ~ when something doesn’t feel right. I have learned silence and space serve me best when something isn’t landing. I used to be a runner so this is BIG!

I have never been more imperfect in my life and I have never felt more loved. I’ve released perfection. I want to sprinkle real stuff into the world not controlled versions of myself. I’m drawn to relationships that support and celebrate. What are we doing if we aren’t supporting or celebrating?

There is high vibe and low vibe. If being around someone always make you feel low vibe ~ why stay in that space? Navigate through it and then manoeuvre back on the high vibe path. Stay present enough that auto-pilot becomes a thing of the past.

We all have our things we are working on. For me ~ I made a conscious choice to create space in my life so that I could expand my capacity to love.

These beach shoes have served me well. I am happy. My new husband celebrates life with me ~ my family ~ my tribe has grown this year and I have welcomed playfulness back into my life. I am learning about giving and receiving and am creating a container that gives back. I am surrounded by a yoga tribe that supports my path to become a better person. I am counting the days until we all walk down to the beach together for our sunrise meditation. I have a new pair of beach shoes that I need to break in!

Laurel is a core member of MSYI's Heart Tribe with 500 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training. Based in Calgary, Canada, she is a Financial Advisor by day, and a Yin and Restorative Yoga Guru by night. Check out her website: http://www.laurelsyoga.ca, or visit her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurelsyogalife/