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Playa Langosta, Costa Rica Photo Cred: Samba To The Sea Photography

I am sitting in the jungle subsequent to my return from Montreal, Canada, where I hosted a yin yoga and yoga nidra training, as well as an alignment and adjustment training to a group of beautiful souls who shared their hearts and souls with me. I am very grateful. I often get comments like: "It must be nice to live in Costa Rica and go on yoga retreats all of the time"....hehehe....Those of you who have attended one of our MSYI trainings know that it is work, and it is not always easy, but it is definitely worth it. I consider my job a ‘space holder’. I hold space for experiences to happen, sometimes that is an easy task, and other times, not so much. Regardless of the experience, I can say 100% of the time, I am grateful for it.

Holding space is a constant practice of the philosophy and tools that we teach at Multi Style Yoga International. One of those tools and one philosophy is G R A T I T U D E. But for real. Gratitude as a practice goes much beyond a thought, much beyond a social media post, and much beyond saying thank you. It is a way of being. If you are truly grateful, it shows up in your energy, in your eyes, in your body and in the way you walk. It does not just appear when things are going your way. It is ever present in its true form.

Today, I am grateful for my practice, and for the tools offered through Multi Style Yoga. I am grateful for my business partner Rhoni Peace, as she is someone who has my back, no matter what - a true friend, a true partner, and a living example of gratitude and all that MSYI stands for. I am grateful for connections - past and present. We (all humans) are a constant evolution, ever changing. At times it is a daunting experience, but I see that this change is always part of a greater plan. I am grateful for legit friendships, the ability to laugh and cry and speak my truth. I am grateful for love. I am grateful for strength - My grandfather Bill taught me that no matter what, I can stand strong in the midst of chaos. I do, and I will continue to do so. My greatest wish is that I pass this strength to my beautiful daughter Bili (named after my rock, my gramdpa Bill). I am grateful for all of you who have attended MSY programs, and love that we are still in contact - A special shout out to Nicole - I loved our chat the other day (thank you!!).

I am grateful to share with you right now...enough for now... Your turn.

Much love and many blessings:

Hali Love


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