At Multi Style Yoga, we believe that no one style of 'yoga' or that a single practice is 100% sustainable. We all go through different periods in our lives within our physical bodies, our mental and emotional states, our energy, how much new knowledge we are capable of taking on and within our spirits. This is why, at MSYI, we honour many different styles of yoga and other practices anchored in the tradition and the roots of yoga, including critical alignment theory, functional anatomy, modern nutrition and our chakra (energy) system. The styles that we focus our teachings on are as follows:


Vinyasa (Power) Yoga

You will learn to teach the most popular style of yoga today - Power Yoga with a simple Power Yoga sequence. You will receive this sequence in your pre-requisite package prior to your 200 hour training and the 100 hour intensive power yoga trainings.  


Yin Yoga

The purpose of yin yoga is to open deep tissues in our body. Yin yoga is a very slow paced yoga, but is challenging, as we open the tissues where stuck energy is stored and at times past traumas. Yin yoga can be very healing. During the 100 hour intensive yin yoga trainings, you will practice yin yoga for a minimum of 2 hours each day. Our Yin Yoga Trainings work with our Chakra System and Functional Modern Anatomy, where it all comes together.


Restorative Yoga

The key to Restorative Yoga is to ‘REST’. Some call this style of yoga ‘tents and forts’ as to be properly experienced, the student is well equipped with a variety of props.  


Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga, as in western society, has been categorized as a less intense style of yoga than power yoga, with focus on alignment and breath. Hatha Yoga can include the practice of any and all yoga postures. 


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is ‘sleep yoga’. Scientific research states that a one-hour practice of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 4 - 6 hours of sleep! You will practice and have the opportunity to teach Yoga Nidra in your MSY Teacher Training! The 100 Hour Yoga Nidra intensives will include a daily Yoga Nidra Practice. 



The Founder of MSYI, Hali Love is passionate about chanting. She has introduced traditional Sanskrit mantras (or verses) which are chanted during every MSYI training.


Modern Nutrition

Our MN Module includes practices from The 5 Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as practices from Ayurveda that can be used to keep your well-being in check. Also in this module you will experience what health really is!  And what it is not: fad diets, excessive cleansing and more!


Functional Anatomy + Hands-on Assists

Let's face it. Our bodies simply are not the same as they were 5000 years ago when yoga was created. Our Functional Anatomy + Physical Adjustments Program was created by a team of physiotherapists, pilates instructors, yoga instructors, chiropractors, western doctors and naturopaths. In this program you will learn the ultimate modern day yoga anatomy, which will not only inspire your own practice, but keep those of your students safe and flowing.


Meditation & Pranayama 

In MSY you will practice different styles of meditation and pranayama each day. You will not only practice these styles, but you will get to teach them as well!


Children's Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 & Level 2

In our Level 1 Children's YTT, you will learn the basics on how to teach fun, safe and creative Children's Yoga Classes from ages 3 through 11. In our Level 2 Children's YTT, you will dive deeper into Children's psychology and learn how to teach to different disabilities that are common among children today.


SUP Yoga Teacher Training

This program is for 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teachers, or for those looking to deepen their experience with Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga! This 40 Hour Program is held at the quaint Surf Village of Los Pargos, where you will get to experience the waves of the ocean and the serenity and magic of the mangroves, while you learn the ins and outs of SUP Yoga and Water Safety!  >> click here for more info.


Multi Barre

Get your glutes and core fired up with our Multi Barre Teacher Training! This 40 Hour Training is for 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teachers, or certified fitness experts who wish to add Multi Barre to their teaching offerings. This training is also open to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of their core, and experience a work-out like no other! Stay tuned for details.

Thai Yoga Massage

This Program combines Yoga Assists and Traditional Thai Yoga Massage to encourage stress release, correct alignment, and energetic balancing through the release fascia tissue. This course is excellent for Yoga Instructors, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, or anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of the human body and functional anatomy.