Typically, to teach yoga anywhere in the world, an instructor is required to hold a minimum 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification from a Registered Yoga Alliance School. Yoga Alliance is a non-profit governing body that represents and supports Yoga Teachers, Yoga Schools, and Yoga Studios. MSYI has been registered and recognized as a Registered Yoga School since 2006.

At Multi Style Yoga International, we believe no one style of yoga or a single practice is 100% sustainable. We all go through different periods in our lives within our physical bodies, our mental, emotional, and spiritual states, our energy, and how much new knowledge we are capable of taking on. This is why, at MSYI, we honour many different styles of yoga and other practices anchored in the tradition and roots of yoga, including Critical Alignment Theory, Functional Anatomy, and Modern Nutrition, to name a few.


Just as we recognize no single practice is 100% sustainable, we also believe no single training program works for all students. This is why we offer 100, 200, 300, 500, Children's Yoga, and 40 Hour Teacher Training Programs around the world, all designed to kickstart your yoga teaching careerdeepen your personal practice, or advance your existing knowledge. To become a Yoga Instructor, it is not required you acquire all 200-Hours at one time, or in one training. All of our courses will count to your teacher accreditation, will not expire, and every hour will simply add to your educational portfolio.

During Teacher Training your days will be long, and filled with so much more than practicing physical postures. MSYI's foundation is rooted in Self Love and Self Care and you will be well taken care of through a combination of physically and mentally challenging classes, rejuvenating and restful yoga classes, group discussions, self-inquiry, and breaks throughout the day.


You do not need to be flexible or young or any misconceived label or stereotype to take our training. All we ask is that you have a desire to learn, and are open to new experiences. 


Wherever you choose to train with us, or for however many hours, you can expect an indescribable experience full of exploration, creation, and connection.